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SUP.REDTM is a new project I've been working on and I'm  pleased to finally announce the release of the first two board designs.
We have a new range of paddle boards in development.
While you wait for news of their release... spend a few minutes enjoying this stunning video.
So you want to know how to build your own hydrofoil.
We here is a great step by step insight into what is involved.
The real NZ Kite brand!
Kiteboarding.RED is our own Kiwi range of Kiteboarding gear and our first kite released is the Skull Kite.
The weather forecast showed a small increase of pressure at the Northern end of bream bay was due between 10am and lunchtime.
So I headed off from Waipu arriving 20mins later at Mair Road, just opposite Marsden Cove on Bream Bay.
Here is your chance to get your kitesurf gear for seriously low prices.

Hotter the Hell's Kitchen, ...cooler than Hell's Angels.

Hell Boardriders is a fresh new face in the Kiteboarding industry.
It's definitely not mainstream. Your mamma wont like it... but you will!
Sir Richard Branson, one of the IKAs Olympic Ambassadors and supporters from the very first minute added: “Well we all flew a kite to get kiteboarding in to the Olympics and unbelievably the kite has landed in Rio!
Saturday was a great day for Kiting here in Auckland. 20 knots of wind or more and an out going tide.
It was good to see so many riders on the water having a blast.
We were riding at St Helliers in central Auckland.
We are please to announce that we have a facebook page.
Please feel free to interact online and post your news and views.
I just returned from Europe with my bag crammed full of awesome European Kitesurfing magazines.Of course I'm not going to share them, I'd never get them back, just like all my Stance DVD's I loaned out right!
Anyway, here is an online version I'm happy to share with you.
Happy reading! - Lee McClelland
We hope you can make it to this years Kite Camp.
Should be a lot of Kiting, Fishing, BBQ's, Beer and fun.
   The new GoPro HD Surf HERO cameras are set to
revolutionise the way we watch extreme sports like Kiteboarding.
I have been action sports enthusiast all my life and have always wanted
to capture the rider experience on camera in a way that brings the viewer as close as possible to the action.
Technology has finally caught up and now this is possible and totally affordable.
Click the Blue TV - to watch real HD Surf Hero camera footage.  
 "KB4girls" stands for both "KiteBoarding for girls" and "KristinBoese for girls". While this word game may be a coincidence it basically says everything about the basic structure of KB4girls: Kristin Boese organises Kite Boarding clinics for female kiteboarders!event target:
to bring together female kiters of all ages and levels, to have fun together and to possibly build kite-friendships and communities
to give tips and tricks that help the girls to improve their kiting easily, to educate about equipment and safety, to motivation female kiteboarders
to motivate more female kiteboarders to compete in national and international competitions (not necessary!), to talent scout female kiters 
I had a phone call from Mike Watson yesterday, this was the first I had head of the serious Kiteboarding accident down at Taupo.
It's sad to hear of this news and our thoughts go out to Byron, and also to his friends and family who are all affected by this unfortunate accident.
Little in the way of details are available from the media who are reporting this accident. And we all await further news.
This is a video clip of the 4wd trip down Muriwai Beach for the annual 'Moose Meet'.
Colin and I  decided to make the trip down the beach (45mins) and were rewarded with just fantastic riding conditions.
Obviously we couldn't take the camer on the water, so there are a few details missing from the days riding.Like the super long speed runs we did that were around 500m long.There is an area just further upwind that we kited to that at low tide offers Aucklands best speed riding area. So we had to go for a play in that. Colin was on the 8m BEST Nemesis and I was on the 07 Yarga. You can see the spot at the end of the clip, super thin super long super fast. It starts off about 40m wide then spits into two channels, we took one each and went like a bat out of hell.If you have never been to the end of Muriwai, this clip gives you a good insight into the trip and what awaits you at the end.
Check out the new 2010 BEST Waroo jumps! (Yellow Kite) Super smooth and very high too.
We would have more footage but the wid was building so fast we had to pack the camera away and just ride.The final minutes of the clip show Perrin carnking along at over 80km/hr in his buggy. Sweet!
Chris Blake recordered 47.4 knots on 11m BEST Waroo and a finless hand crafted board.