Theory Lesson #2 - What size kite to Buy

Kahoona_plus_Bronze_WhitePicking your new kite sizes.
Take the time to plan the right quiver.
Kahoona  sizes:
7.5m, 9.5m, 11.5m, 13.5m


The new Kahoona provides a truly massive wind range for each kite, that combined with its instant response to power control when sheeting in or out, delivers the rider a whole new level of performance, confidence and security.
Long gone are the bad old days of being pulled off your board in a gust or dragged off down wind. The Kahoona can pivot on its nose and release power even when it is set deep in the power window. The rider remains on the board in in control, ready for his next move.

That alone is the single most important reason to upgrade to a Kahoona. On top of this you get the great price, the high quality, more power and the extraordinary wind range. Yes, the Kahoona does have a lot more going for it than any other product we have released into the NZ market. And that is why Kiwi's love them.

Having decided to treat yourself to a new kite it is time to pick and plan your quiver. Getting your head around the sizing and wind ranges can seem confusing. But it's really quite simple.
The Kahoona kites Delta shape delivers much more power on the low end than an equivalent "Bow" or "C" shape kite. At the top end or in gusty contitions, you can instanly and precisely pivot the kite on it's nose whilst riding and without having to edge the board or pull a depower line, you just sheet out and let the kite eat the power of a strong gust.
Because of this the upper end wind range is also greatly increased per size.

I have written the following as a guide to help clarify things a little.
My size suggestions outlined below should help you to plan the right sized kite for your quiver.
Feel free to call me for more info, and to talk over how the Kahoona behaves in the gusty NZ conditions.


BEST Kahoona Quiver options.

1. The single Kahoona kite quiver: Get the right size for your weight.

Perfect choice for riders who can only afford one kite to begin with and are looking to ride in the summer seabreeze conditions.That being winds up to a maximum of 20 knots.
If you know it's generally windier than this in your area during your riding season then down size your selection.
Select the 9.5sqm (55-70kg riders),
Select the 11.5sqm (65-95kg riders)
or the 13.5sqm (90 to +120kg riders).

2. The two kite Kahoona quiver: From 10 to over 27 knots covered

55-70kg riders - Select the 9.5sqm & 5.5sqm Kahoona
70-95kg riders - Select the 11.5sqm & 7.5sqm Kahoona
90-120kg riders  - Select the 13.5sqm & 9.5sqm Kahoona

3. The three kite quiver: Now this is how you spoil yourself with the sweetest kite for every condition from 8 knots to over 30 knots of wind. It's like owning 5 of the old "C" shape kites for wind range. Just pick the optimum kite for the day and never worry about changing size until you really have to. It's all about maximising your time riding within the sweet spot of your kites wind range.
13.5sqm + 9.5sqm + 7.5sqm would be an amazing 3 Kite quiver for all riders over 70kg.
11.5sqm + 7.5sqm + 5.5sqm would be an amazing 3 Kite quiver for all riders under 70kg.

I have a 3 kite quiver of Kahoonas with a 13.5sqm, a 9.5sqm & a 7.5sqm. I weigh in at 95kg.
I found these design opened up new possibilities for both my freestyle and wave riding sessions. It's like a transformation in riding style and confidence happens overnight. To experience it for yourself is the only true way to know what I mean. Feel free to come and test ride a Kahoona for yourself.

The Kahoona's precise and instant control of the kites power combined with the extra kick of grunt right when you need it, is what has made it standout as an absolute winner of a design across all sizes and rider levels for me.

Rider is Shannon Best - BEST Kiteboarding on a Kahoona.


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