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Anabatic Kitesurfing lessons run at the finest beaches in New Zealand.
Our dedicated Kiteboarding school is fully mobile & gives us access to the right beach on the right day.
You will not be stuck on a sand bar in the Manukau harbour or dragged over the oyster shells at dirty old Pt Chev, No Way!

We go to the right beach on the right day.
New Zealand has so many safe & beautiful beaches, this is where you will learn Kitesurfing with us.
Hassle free ideas to make your day.
How fast will I learn Kitesurfing?
The expected number of training days to learn to Kiteboard depends on your background in other adventure sports. Rider progression depends on the individual. We have found wakeboarders, surfers, windsurfers and snowboarders and also inline skaters to be very fast and progressive learners.
Anabatic Kiteboarding - Rider Progression Theory
Written by Lee McClelland

This is your chance to learn from the mistakes made by others. In the spirit of all things FUN we would like to share some FREE Kiteboarding lessons right here. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Learn what not to do just by watching these two awesome video clips.   Lesson #1.  Why the 3m trainer kites should not be flown attached to a harness. Lesson #2.  A quick way to kill yourself... Yes guys have died doing this kind of stunt. But every year some clowns do it again.