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You have to see this. It will take you back to where it all began.... Big Air Style!
Hope you like this video edit.
A couple of lads threw it together for an action sports video contest On
Watch and learn a bit more about Kitesurfing, course racing and it's coming of age as an Olympic sport.
The Kite Show Episode 6...
Awesome Video packed with interviews with BEST Designers + International Riders... Hadlow +Dre + Len10 then some stunning footage from the BEST odyssey.
Lucky Lucky bastard! It's a tough job this guy has.
BEST Kiteboarding have made this slick new video to show off the new PROFANITY.
The crew at Real were also involved in the production. Sit back and enjoy!
Miguel Willis & Joe Ruecito travel journal entry.
Check out this awesome video from BEST.
Great action footage of the new KAHOONA V2 in high definition.  
CALIBRATE: HQ Version. A new very stylish and very unique/innovative kiteboarding film by Andy Gordon.
It stars Pro Kiteboarder/Free Style Rider and 5x World Champion, Aaron Hadlow.
Rider: SteveVerelst 
Powder Mountain is fast becoming the primo destination for snowkite enthusiasts. Three years ago, it was the first mountain resort in the US to offer identify an exclusive snowkiting area and to offer a snowkite only pass. This past year, Best Kiteboarding established the Best Snowkite Center at Powder Mountain and offers lessons and demos at the resort.
Crazy action video featuring...
2010 BEST Waroo NXG Delta shape kites
2010 BEST Nemesis NXG 'C' shape SLE kites
Plus, Shannon Best and the Crew.
These guys are going huge in stormy conditions in Florida USA on the latest kite designs from BEST Kiteboarding. 
Olsen goes big....Kitesurfing in Europe at "Neusiedlersee" with the 7.5m Best Kahoona in 30 knots of wind.He  takes one of BEST new Delta shape kites (Kahoona) out and goes huge!
Initially released as a learner kite, but riders have taken this kite out on proven there is more to the Delta shap than super fast relaunching.
They jump really well to. Check it out!
Check out this wicked video of the latest 2010 Kites and boards being ridden at the Gorge, USA,Wicked Unhooked and Kiteloop action going down.  
Great wish you were here video clip.
Stunning topical lifestyle aboard the BEST Odyssey.
The hottest new moves and the hottest video clip on the web.

Alvaro OnievaCheck out the hottest name in the world of Freestyle Kiteboarding.
BEST riders are at the top of the international competition scene.
take a closer look to see why. The riding style and complexity of these tricks is fantastic.