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As soon as our first SUP boards arrived we cracked open the packaging and headed to sweet wee river bar just north of Auckland.
This video puts you in the riders seat from rigging up to riding.
With the arrival of good windy conditions I decided to grab the camera and film a few local riders on their new kites.
Most of this clip shows kites from BEST Kiteboarding with a peek at CrazyFly Kiteboards.

This video by ArmieArmstrong shows Dave Edwards riding giant Taranaki waves strapless in November 2009 Dave is one of the country's best kite surfers ripping apart a nice day on some clean double overhead waves in a South East crossshore wind.
Hendricks Kite Loops are insane!
Anabatic Kiteboarding Video filmed at Orewa Beach.
Well I sure had my 15 seconds of fame this week with coverage on TV3 and Radio NZ for Kiteboarding.
The filming for TV3 was a blast. +30 knots of wind, a new 9m Waroo and a camera strapped on me with another out in the bay.
Scotty the cameraman was asking us to boost jumps as close to him in the water as possible. Craig, Joel, Mark and I really enjoyed that session.
The footage and angle is amazing, TV3 hosted a few short clips on the Hyundai sports show and there is more to come.