Kirstin Boese World Champion and full time Professional Kiteboarder visits NZ
With the wind blasting a solid 30-35knots all day we had to wait until 3pm before deciding where to head for the day. Pine Harbour was our pick, although a bit of a drive out of Auckland we were rewarded with nice conditions of around 20 -25 knots and easing.

Kristin arrived with her rental car packed full of kiteboarding gear. She's riding BEST Waroo Pro kites and still waiting for her Nemesis HP kites. The shops get them first then the PRO Riders, strange but true. Kristin was very excited about the new 2008 gear that is being released and for her the Nemesis HP will be what she rides in 2008.
She said she rode the Kites in Tarifa at the recent international dealer meeting and can't wait to get her own.
She did manage to pinch a prototype SPARK board BEST are developing for 2008, so she set it up and took it for a ride. I was really impressed with this board, nice concave for speed, great tip flex and good dimensions to make it a wicked light wind / everyday board, like the FLOAT.
It's nice and light too. It rocked upwind and held a mean edge. I was on the 2008 Waroo 11m and it was a great combination.

A good number of riders turned up and we all had a great session. I hope we get to read a few Kiter Blogs on http://www.nzkiteboarding.com about each riders impressions.

Kristin was super friendly and happy to chat with everyone and was even up to the task of signing all the groms kiteboards.
She seemed to take a shine to the school boys in uniform... well thats what they think I'm sure.

I managed to snap a few photos of the riding at the end of the day. And there were at least 3 other photographers present firing away for a couple of hrs. So we should have more photo's coming really soon.

It was really impressive to watch Kristin riding. She has a powerful style that is very smooth and technical at the same time.

Everyone was enjoying the solid conditions and there were lots of good tricks being thrown down. Especially by the groms who were bent on impressing th World Champ.
Seeing as she asked them to all sign one of her competition tops, maybe they did catch her eye.
I'm pretty sure she got their email addresses too.

Kristin is the current Womens World Kiteboarding Champion for the 2nd year running. She is also in the running to win it again this year with just one more event to go.
So we are all wishing her well for that. She is such a great ambassador for the sport and inspires so many riders. It was a real pleasure to meet up with her and to be able to share some good Kiwi kiteboarding conditions.
The local Kite crew made a good impression on her too.
And she said it was great to see all the BEST kites up.

Here are the first few photos of the day.

Kirstin arrived in NZ on a short stopover from attending the Cindy Mosey Island Odyssey in Tonga, She said she enjoyed her short stop in NZ and is keen to head out for a 'Kite with the crew' next time she visits Auckland.