NZ Kiteboarding Nationals 2007

The (no wind) Nationals 2007
Anabatic Kiteboarding and a crew of BEST riders shot to Nelson for the 2007 Nationals.
Everyone in Nelson was hyped up for action but the wind was a no show. Much like the last Nationals at Raglan.
So Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw very little in the way of Kite action. A few heats managed to get underway when a puff of wind got the organisers excited, but nothing of any substance arrived for the main event days. The spare day (Monday) was used to run the whole event and get a result for the year.
Burnt to a crisp in the sweltering heat we had like so many others left and returned home on the Sunday night, sadly missing any chance of capturing the Monday action.
Oh well, you can't say we didn't try! With the weekend setting us back a cool $1000 or more in return airfares and accomodation we were a bit gutted to not get any wind.
So overall a large disappointment on the weather side of things, but overall a great few days in Nelson.

Having a great crew of talented BEST riders turn up we were very keen to get some video action and support the event.
Jarrod, Blair, Ben, Jacob and James were on fine form for the weekend even if they didn't get much action on the water, they had their fair share of fun in Nelson all the same.
The locals made them feel welcome right from day one!
Jarrod got sucker punched in the face by a local on the first night and arrived back at the camp site with a bloody lip and missing his BEST cap which was stolen.
Blair was pretty peeved at this as not only is Jarrod his brother, but it was his BEST hat that Jarrod had been thumped for.

We filmed a bit of action of a few of the lads kiting in the 8-10knots that blew in on the Sunday, snapped a few photos of the Tauranga crew Assaulting each other.
And had a good laugh at general goings on of wind starved kiters.
The BEST Crew 2007

Tauranga Crew Assaulting each other

Peterlynn Display Kites at the Kite Festival in Town