Kiwi Kiteboarder on Tour - Tarifa, Spain.

Aaron Cooper reports in from Europe

Here is what he had to say on his travels so far. Sounds like fun (if you can deal with the crowds).

Thanks for the email Aaron, keep them coming. Its always good to hear from Kiwis traveling around the kite spots.

Aarons email

Hi Lee

...Thought I would drop you a note and tell you about this place I stayed at. (Tarifa, Spain)

I left Auckland and spent a few weeks in my home town Christchurch kiting the poo ponds before setting off for the UK with my girlfriend. We bought a van when we arrived in London and spent a couple of months traveling Europe. Spent some time coming down the west coast of France, through Portugal and into Spain. Ended up spending a bit of time in Tarifa which is at the Southern most tip of Spain.

Tarifa is kiters and windsurfers heaven. We stayed at a camping ground right on the beach front; I mean 100mtrs from the beach. We were about 4km, a short bike ride, from the main town. The town would be about the same size or maybe a little smaller than Orewa as far as shops go. Most shops down the main street are either kite or windsurf retailers and schools. Even the shops that are not selling kite gear have signs in their windows advertising kite schools. Awesome just to bike round the town checking out all the gear.

Tarifa beach is about 10km long, on a clear day you can see across to Morocco. The wind blows like clockwork, can almost set your watch by it. There are two winds, the Levante and the Poniente. The Levante is stronger and gustier than the Poniente. The first few days after we arrived the Levante blew and blew and blew. There was only the odd windsurfer braving the conditions with most complaining that all their gear was too big. After 5 days of strong Levante it changed to Poniente, a cross onshore wind on the part of the beach where we were staying. It was about 18 knot€"¢s steady wind. Out the kiters came. It was awesome seeing kiters as far as the eye could see. The next day the wind changed back to Levante of about 20 knot€"¢s, a cross shore wind further down the beach from where we were staying. It was a Saturday and I tell you I have never seen such a site. The end of the beach was just packed with kiters, there must have been in excess of 200 in the air at times. It was good just chilling on the beach watching some of the tricks that the locals were pulling off.

Tarifa is a corner of the world where you could easily loose track of the days, months, years and spend your time getting blown round the beach. It is really cool to see a place based around such an awesome sport like kiting.

I have attached a picture taken from the camping ground we stayed; a guy we meet at the camping ground took the pic and emailed it to me.

We are now back to reality, spending the next 6 or so months in Manchester (UK) to save some more $$ for a month traveling Europe this time next year before heading back to NZ (hopefully via Thailand for a couple of months). Well that is the plan, but who knows.

Anyway must push on, just thought you would be interested to know about this little corner of the world where kiting is huge.

PS You would be pleased to know that there were a lot of people there on BEST kites, go the Waroo !!!!