Waipu Session

February Session at Waipu.

Leaving Anabatic in the capable hands of Jess for a weekend, Trees and I packed up the car and headed to my recently finished house I'd been building at Waipu. (About an Hour and Half North of Auckland).
A few kiters were chasing the wind that weekend and we thought we might all hook up if things went to plan at JP's near Waipu Cove.

Not to be confused with Ruakaka estuary this spot is bigger and better! And it's an often over looked gem, a mission to Waipu was long over due.

Trees and I had just stepped in the door and my mobile rang, Birte's German accent crackled something at me down the phone about how they were on their way and looking for digs for the night. I'd left her and Corne a message to say we'd hook up on Sunday if they were around, turns out they were chasing the wind in the area already so this was perfect. We no sooner unpacked the bags and then heard the roar of Cornes 4x4 climbing up my driveway.
So we ripped open a bottle or two and settled in for the evening. Dave Lacey rang to say he was going to ring about 7am for a weather check before driving up, so we left the phone in the kitchen at the other end of the house so as not to be woken by it ringing. hehehe

By 9am it raining across the valley and Dave rings to say he's coming up for a coffee anyway. At 10am the house is filling up. The rain clears and we sneak off down to the Waipu estuary. A 2km long stretch of flat water.

Here a few shots from the session we all enjoyed.
Not sure if Malcolm remembers it, but he gets the prize for the largest hangover. Courtesy of some wild bar in Auckland.