Kite Deals & 2nd Hand gear

Here is your chance to get your kitesurf gear for seriously low prices.

We have

1 x New 12m Kite

1 x Ex Demo 7m Kite

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Sorry these ones have been SOLD!

(Kite only)
collage850 BEST-Waroo-7m-2008

SOLD Buy Now $699

Size 7m
This is one awesome BEST Waroo.
Great condition,'09 model.
Built to handle NZ's strong wind days.
Looks and flys amazing.

First to see will buy.

(Kite Only)

collage850 Kahoona-V3

SOLD Buy Now $499

Size 11.5m
This is a great kite.
BEST Ver3 Kahoona.

2011 model and it flies great.
Built for waves and tricks and has super fast relaunch.
Put it on any 4 line bar.

A great ride everywhere kite.





BEST Kiteboarding.
Size:11.5m DELTA/SLE kite, 

Model: Kahoona V3 White/Magenta 2011, 
Hugely popular from the Worlds No1 Kite company.

This kite will get you rocking along for a low price. 

Total $499 Kite only + Pump and Bag.


thumb Magenta 2011 Kahoona V3-3 11m

Magenta 2011 Kahoona V3-2 11m




BEST 15m SLE/BOW kite, Model: Waroo. 
Black/Orange 2007. 

1 professional repair, great condition.
Just $399 Kite only + Bag and Pump.



20130101 095652





 Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Strictly first come first served.

We make sure all gear is in top working condition and fit for use.

Call me now on 09-8891889 or 021-520438  Lee



SOLD   2013 CrazyFly SCULPT
incls Bar, Lines, Pump and Bag
Top condition, ex-demo kite. This is a fantastic kite to ride and at such a low price  it is the pick of the bunch.
We also have a brand new one in stock.




















SOLD  -  $2250 - 2013 Brand New CrazyFly 12m!

CrazyFly SCULPT 2013 12sqm.
incls Bar, Lines, Pump and Bag
This is a fantastic kite to ride it is the pick of the bunch.
Never opened still in bag. Not even opened for photos. It is totally new.













Red 2010 Kahoona V2 1SOLD - BEST KAHOONA V2 - As New!
9.5m (As New, used just 3 times.)
Grunty kite for size, 80 Kg Rider can ride from 14knots to +24knots
Shape DELTA/SLE kite.
Super fast water relaunch with instant depower for safety.
Fantastic kite to ride. They jump really good too.
Black/Red 2010,
c/w Bar, Lines, leash, Pump & Bag
Price just $1099 (As New Kite)






raptor-proSOLD Brand New - CrazyFly Pro Carbon
Last one available!
Run Out model: Pro Carbon 2011model CrazyFly

Raptor Pro Carbon 132x39
Made in Europe
$699  was $1295




2007 yarga 9m
9m SLE C Kite, Model: Yarga.
Blue/Yellow 2007. One repair.
Just $350 Kite only no bar
with Bar, Lines & Pump $599.








12m SLE/BOW kite, Model: Waroo.
Blue/Pink 2006. 

New front bridle just added.
Just $350 Kite only






SOLD   27/12/13

2011 CrazyFly
Shox 133x43
Made in Europe.
As new, used 3 times only.
$599 was $1150

ANABATIC is the brand - See our Hell Kite model @