Learn to Kitesurf in Auckland the riders Perspective.

Lee-Picture_3This video puts you in the riders seat from rigging up to riding.kite-tv

If you ever wanted to have a really close up look at kiteboarding from a riders perspective this video puts you in the action.
It's the first time I have filmed with the new High Definitio GoPro cameras and I am very impressed with the results.

Take a close up look at the new 2010 Kites and boards featured.
We have everything available and ready to be couriered to your door, including the cameras!


Kiteboard: CrazyFly 2010 132x41cm Raptor Pro Carbon
Kite: BEST Nemesis NXG 12sqm, C shape, Bow Bridle, One Pump Inflation
Camera: GoPro Helmet Hero / Surf Hero HD
Wind: 22-25 knots    Rider: Lee McClelland

ANABATIC is the brand - See our Hell Kite model @ wwwHellBoardriders.com