Kristin Boese - KiteBoarding for girls.



"KB4girls" stands for both "KiteBoarding for girls" and "KristinBoese for girls". While this word game may be a coincidence it basically says everything about the basic structure of KB4girls: Kristin Boese organises Kite Boarding clinics for female kiteboarders!

event target:
to bring together female kiters of all ages and levels, to have fun together and to possibly build kite-friendships and communities
to give tips and tricks that help the girls to improve their kiting easily, to educate about equipment and safety, to motivation female kiteboarders
to motivate more female kiteboarders to compete in national and international competitions (not necessary!), to talent scout female kiters


    target group:
    • female kiteboarders of all ages and levels
    • min. requirements: going upwind, kiting independently
    • girls and women that are motivated to compete, no matter in which disciplin
    • but also girls that just want to kite for fun and push their kiting to the next level



    event activities (varries slightly depending on spot and event):

    • official opening and greeting
    • separation in groups by level
    • safety check and spot briefing
    • demonstration of tricks on the water
    • kiting in the group, training on the water
    • debriefing and tips to improve certain moves
    • even more kiting if the wind allows!


    no-wind activities:

    • Q&A
    • mental imaging and training on land
    • training on bar
    • visualizing tricks by looking at them in books and DVDs
    • fun-games and other sports activities (wakeboarding, standup paddleboarding, swimming...)
    • educational talk about and the polution of our oceans


    further activities:

    • equipment test (Best Kites und Boards, balance boards)
    • fun-fotoshoot for everyone
    • BBQ and other evening activities


    types of events (marked in schedule as such):

    • workshops (1 day, up to 20 participants)
    • clinics (1 day, up to 40 participants)
    • camps (2 to 3 das, up to 40 participants)

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