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2-star-1sm10 We import direct from the factories and sell direct to you,  giving you the BEST possible price.
2-star-1sm10 All our products have full warranties as we are the authorised exclusive importer for all the Kite gear we represent.
2-star-1sm10 We are New Zealand's premier Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding Importer, retailer and training centre.

Our business is online and beach based, we ship direct to customers nationwide.
Anabatic Limited est 1995 is owned and operated by Lee McClelland.

Company Info
Product knowledge, customer service and comprehensive training is our speciality.
Since Kitesurfing began Anabatic has been focussed on developing the sport and increasing the number of riders on the water in New Zealand.
With our in house training program and state of the art equipment, getting into Kiteboarding has never been Faster, Safer or more Fun.

Company Attitude
Kiteboarding is the fastest growing and most exhilarating watersport on the planet and Kiwis love adventure so it is not surprising that more and more guys & girls are lining up to hit the water. For me, Kiteboarding is a mix of several of my past passions: Surfing, Sailing & Paragliding. It's an adventure sport like no other. It combines surfing & flying, with the added dynamics of extreme speed sailing. It is 100% Pure Fun!

How did Anabatic Kiteboarding evolve into being the Kiteboarding Specialist?...
Anabatic Limited was established in 1995 to service the Parapente (or Paraglider) pilots of NZ with imported and locally produced equipment for all levels of pilot. When Kiteboarding arrived with a roar a few short years ago, we took the risk and fully transformed into a 100% Kiteboarding business within a matter of months. It is amazing how fast that happened.

My personal addiction had grown too big to control, Kiteboarding had become an all consuming passion. (If you don't know the feeling yet... you soon will.) Of course I had to change my life and business to feed the addiction. A quick relocation from Rotorua to Orewa beach and the signing of a commercial lease for a shop on Auckland's Kite Beach sealed the transformation. New Zealands 100% Pure Kiteboarding Specialist was born.
Our first lease in Orewa was signed up on Sept 10th 2001, the following day Sept 11th arrived and the we thought we might be finished before we had even started. Thankfully it was not so.
Over the next 8 years and into our 2nd shop we taught 100's of riders the the thrill of kiteboarding and sold a phenomenal amount of kites across New Zealand.
On September 11th 2010 we relocated our retail operation to Albany, bringing our products and services closer to our customers.

After 10 years of 100% pure Kiteboarding retail, we closed our physical shop at Orewa. We now operate exclusively online with direct courier distribution of products to our loyal customers. Our instructors manage the training at local beaches.

Kitesurfing is an exciting sport and I love providing customers with the skills and equipment necessary for this extreme sport. It is great to share my passion for adventurous activities with like minded individuals. Many customers have become such good friends and for me that is what its all about. Out on the water having an amazing time Kiteboarding with a bunch of good mates, 100% Pure Fun!

Many thanks to all of you who support Anabatic Kiteboarding and help in its continual development.

See you on the water... Lee McClelland