Real riders sharing their stoke on the 2009 BEST Nemesis Kite.

Rider names:
Berwick Douglas
Chris Blake
Paul Moulton

What was your very FIRST impression on your first ride of the 2009 Nemesis?
BERWICK - "Slower then I thought it was going to be." (Really? on )
CHRIS - "Super fast through the sky, turns amazing, great for loops!"
PAUL - "First Impressions on Anabatic's demo 10M - insane - Unreal wind range on a real ugly gusty day. So light and fast to turn with Heaps of torque to ride through the lulls and enough depower to handle the extreme top end on the day. I would have needed 2 kites from my usual quiver. Nice floaty jumps considering the conditions."

Where size were you riding and in what conditions?
BERWICK - "10m in around 13 - 15 knts in crappy waves."
CHRIS - "8m 15 to 20kn"
PAUL - "10M - Gusty WNW 12kt to 28kt ride at Tindalls Beach Auckland."

How would you describe it's up-wind performance?
BERWICK - "Very good. Fly's up wind when you want it to. as good as my 8m Royal."
CHRIS - "Very good"
PAUL - "Like a keel boat."

How would you describe it's jumping and in flight characteristics?
BERWICK - "Very stable. when it comes over head it fly's very fast which lifts you massively high. It is very easy to tell were the kite is and what its doing when your jumping. the flight characteristics are very very smooth and steady with loads of bar pressure. The flying of the kite in smoothness and speed does not come close to any other kite I have flown or owned."
CHRIS - "You get a really good yank up, with good glide time. Very easy to jump consistantly high."
PAUL - "Effortless jumping - even in the gusts. Need to watch the height on those days as she just wants to keep going up! Keep away from the houses at Tindals or you will end up on their roof !!

How would you describe the construction and quality?
BERWICK - "I'm not completely shore. the leading edge is very solid which I was worried about when buying this kite so that isn't a problem. I'm a bit worried about the canopy as the joins look a bit untidy as you can see right through the blue colour. the joins of the struts to the leading edge are very solid."
CHRIS - Can't think of anything to improve, looks bombproof."
PAUL - "Looks great. Cuban fibre / Dacron mix on the LE is real solid. Should handle standard abuse no worries. Real impressed with the amount of ' extra ' thought gone into beefing up the kite in required area's."

How do you rate the new bar for: Quality? Safety system? Front line landing loops? and re ride system? Overall?
BERWICK - "Haven't got it yet."
CHRIS - "Good quality, re-ride system is unnecessary, but front line landing loops are a great idea. "
PAUL - "Using my 08 bar and works well with a little fine tuning, found out the correct line lengths after a little trial and error. 09 Bar looks very similar only improved a bit so should work well."

Can you explain the feeling the kite gives you in terms of: Responsiveness? Gust handling? Power control? Turn Speed?
BERWICK - "The kite is extremely Responsive, haven't flown it over powered yet(only up to 25-28knts) but very very Responsive in all area's of the flying. Gust handling is brilliant, flown this kite lots at Pt Chev and Meola and in the massive gust that place gives it is very good. I'm not shore if this is because of the Best Bar compared to my Royal bar but it is very good. The Power control is next to none. you can be completely blasting along and in the same second turn the power completely of. The Turning speed is much better now that I have played with the knots on the kite. They are now on the fastest settings and the kite is flying much much faster. There is a big difference between the knots on the kite."
CHRIS - "Very responsive to bar input, but still stable, handles gusts very well. Only ridden up to 20kn so can't comment on wind range, turn speed is very fast."
PAUL - "The stand out here is the turn speed on my new 12M. It turns like an 8 or 10M if you want it to. The extra feature of having 3 optional turning speed points has really made this kite versatile in a huge range of conditions. Adjust it for high speed turning or slow it down when required. The double de - power pulley system at the kite end allows for that huge wind range we require here in gusty Auckland spring conditions."

Who is going to love this kite?
BERWICK - "Any one who loves a very solid felling kite and also enjoys bar pressure. don't think a beginner will enjoy learning on it as you do need a bit of wind to get it going."
CHRIS - "Everyone, if your into freestlye, big jumps, speed or waves."
PAUL - "ME - I Love it !! Nemesis is best suited to Intermediate to advanced riders. I'm pretty much at the intermediate level (not through lack of trying) and this model range is a good fit. Really good for guys who want to travel or just want to have 2 kites as the 12M / 8M Quiver has an excellent cross over and you can carry less kites around. If the budget only allows for one kite then the 10M is definately good for most of your riding here in NZ but it will always be good to get 2 of these weapons if you can."

What do you think of the Kite technology? (Twister Tech? Cuben fibre reduced diameter leading edge? and VP2 double power system? Tuning the speed?)
BERWICK - "I don't think to much about that side of kite but know that what ever all that is it is working really good."
CHRIS - "twister tech- unsure, cuben in the leading edge so reduced diameter- completely sold on this. Vp2-unsure, but it seems to work well. Tuning the turning speed-great idea, works well."
PAUL - "I was freaked when I pumped the 12M up and saw how small the LE is. This must cause less drag when flying through the air so it has to make a kite more efficient. The 8M L/E is ridiculously small in diameter and this kite rocks as its real fast.
Twister Tech appears to stabilise the LE as the kite flys through the gusts very smoothly.
The 8M bar pressure was so light that I had to keep looking up at the end of the lines to make sure the kite was still there."

Any comments on the new graphics and look for 2009?
BERWICK - "I don't like them my self but I can imagine allot of people would as it gets allot of good comments on the beach that it looks cool. I love the colour."
CHRIS - "Looks hot, definite improvement on last year, which was still great."
PAUL - "Yep - I like it. Like all graphics its a personal thing, They look good in the air. I have had good feed back so far from others."

What size and colour did you buy?
BERWICK - "10m lite Blue."
CHRIS - "8m Blue"
PAUL - "NEMESIS 8M and 12M - Both Red and Black. I finally got a full Quiver in the same colour after 7 years of trying !"

Would you recommend this kite to your friends?
BERWICK - "All of them."
CHRIS - "Absolutely"
PAUL - "Allready have. Cant help but do that. One of my mates told me to shut the Fuck up as I couldn't stop raving about it after the first ride."

Summary: Anything to add? Describe your best session so far?

BERWICK - "After changing the knots to the faster settings this kite has come alive. this is the easy'st kite to jump high in with no effort. it almost scary how high iv been jumping in it. after riding this kite 3 times at Meola and twice at pt chev I'm now not amped to kite in winds that this kite won't fly in i.e. to lite. this pull from the kite is unreal, any of the water moves are so easy and my kiting has got better just from riding this kite 6 times.
very safe but can be very extreme at the same time
completely love it."

CHRIS - "Overall an awesome kite, can't think of anything I'd change on it. Best session so far down at St Heliers behind the ladies bay reef, 15-20kn, awesome unhooked session, great kitloops, some big jumps too."

PAUL - "What ever you do - Do not buy any other make of kite without at least trying the new 09 Nemesis. I'm Off to Aussie now - Two Kites in one bag - Super small pump to pump up that tiny L/E, One bar and lines and yes - No wet suit - What a way to get around!"